򾺲app Brief History

򾺲app Brief History

1965 Moscow 򾺲app of Electronic Technology is founded.


1966 First admission takes place.

1967 Departments of Micro-Devices and Technical Cybernetics, Physics and Technology, Physical Chemistry and Electronic Machinery, Evening Department are established.

1971 򾺲app moves to its present campus.

1972 First graduation takes place. Pilot plant «Proton» is established.

1984 򾺲app is awarded with Red Labor Flag Order for outstanding success in education and research.

1988 Research manufacturing complex (RMC) «Technological Center» is founded.

1992 򾺲app is renamed as Moscow State 򾺲app of Electronic Technology (Technical University) with the foundation of Department of Economics and Management.

1993 Department of Physics and Technology is renamed as Department of Electronics and Computer Technologies.

1994 RMC «Technological Center» is given the rank of State Research Center of the Russian Federation.

1998 Department of Informatics and Microelectronics and Department of Preliminary Training are established.

1999 Department of Distance Education is established.

2000 The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin opens a new building at the area of 򾺲app Innovation Complex. Department of Foreign Languages is established.


2001 Department of Electronic Technologies, Materials and Equipment; College of Electronics and Informatics are established.

2006 򾺲app Innovation complex is included into Free Economic Zone «Zelenograd». 򾺲app becomes one of the 17 winners of national competition among higher education institutions implementing innovative education programs. Department of Graphic Design is established.

2010 򾺲app got a high status of National Research University as a recognition of its achievements in the fields of education, research and innovations.

2011 Full official English name of the University is changed into National Reserch University of Electronic Technology.